Take me to outer space 

Send me far away

89524d9ce3c1675d955e26f8d608f776Watch me fall

And let me drown

The ocean get deeper

Emotions freeze

Darkness collapses and I fall to my knees 

The tempo dies

Morning rises and still you’re not my paradise
Forever trapped in outer space

I never told you I hated you!

New man every week…

I guess that made you feel complete.

IMG_0249The bottle must of gave more love then me.

Every bruise knocked self worth to its feet.


I never hated you!

Every man came before me,

You were to drunk to remember

I scrubed blood out the tile for hours.

I never hated you!

Broken promises became the expectation.

I waited for 14 hours for you come home drunk

All I wanted was a happy birthday.


I never hated you!

Giving up our relationship to please to next dude

I knew reality was screwed

You let him stay after he told you I would feel his wrath


I never hated you!

So why did you hate me?

All alone
Honesty not payin’ bills
On and On again
Sinkin’ in sin
World keeps burnin’
Hustle still growin’
Peace is needed
But the steel is heated
Red snow
Thats the way it goes
Next life time

Maybe the world will be mine


Grind and pray
then testify
wakin’ up being broke
expose to the life
didn’t eat a meal
brotha in grave
knew no otha’ way
alway been at the bottom
somebody needs to survive

Don’t forget about me
Nobody knows
Peace was inside
Nigga got .. got
Now the future bright on the otha’ side


Am I so unimportant?
Because connections are hard to find
Calm down I’m unbothered
Don’t be the one to waste my time
Elegant passion
Fuck fasting come get this action
Greatness was the expectation
Happiness no longer lives in me
Insensitive to my needs
Jealousy is a common trait I see
Knowing better
Let me state I don’t got my shit togeTher
Many woman
Never enough time to claim what’s mine
Over depression
Percocet and strippers make it worth the time
Quit asking
Reality isn’t real no more
So easy to forget
Trusting is a commitment and I hit my limit
Unique to different bitches
Victim to the money I knew this life wasn’t mine
Wanting more time
Xenial to these women not realizing my position
Yield to loving me
Zelous to do right in the wrong world

Thanks for joining me!

Going to sleep wanting more

Running away to keep calm

Can’t ever make a choice

The point of view changes the mood

Morning after can’t wait

   I’m Judus to the faithful life