Leave the false claims where they lie,

Believing the grass is greener on the other side

Don’t let em' claim they love me!

I wouldn’t even let em' hug me!

My pride hungry inside,

False claims don’t let em rise

My soul is ready to cry;

False claims left me restless inside

My heart trembles to the words I love you.

False claims are the result of broken faith 

They keep claiming they love me 

After the trigger ended all it for me.

Stressin’ and...
Second guessin’
Luckily I got two shordies 
That reigns in like blessin’
I’m that n***a now
Lookin’ at the world in the eyes
Paralyzed to deception 
Beatin’ down the walls 
I trip and fall
I’m on the other side 
Drownin' in emotions 
Depression is the shark tank 
I can’t swim any further 
Darkness lurkin’ in every corner
Happiness depletes me
I’m insane to humanity 
Livin' this life has left me with no possibilities....


Can I come over and chill?

I fell in love too quick

Got too close with this shit

Alone in my thoughts 

I wanna keep it real

No Netflix and Chill 

Our love hasn’t been the same

A low lit flame 

Tell me how you really feel.

Now it just lonely ..

I let you know when I come thru 

Breakfast and Smash is a thing of the past

I pull up, the love not good for me

Your presence was my serenity

Your laugh was my security

High on emotions 

I need to come over just to crash 

Just love me,

Hold me,

Trust me,

I promise I’m the right company.

I am my child’s burden

every time he hears suicide

he sees my rotten brown

parasitic eyes

I am my child’s burden

every time she smell hooch

she remember all her “uncles”

I hope they treated her well

I am my child’s burden

every time he hears loud noises

he sees the blood spilling

from my tears

I am my child’s burden

every time she sees a cop

She remembers the numbers 5 to 10

I am my child’s burden.

Darkness overwhelms

I promise I am not anemic,

The failure prevails..

Yet with every breath I get colder

Satisfaction is just a gratitude,

Every attempt I get frigid, 

Light is the progress

The flames become chilled,

Success is the mindset... and

Limitations are left at the bed rest
It's a story untold.

As of today I am nowhere close to being
the perfect person for you
to all the heartbreaks you endure with our time apart
I truly apologize.
I ask God to instill in me what I need to be
Compassionate, Sincere, and Faithful.
My fear of commitment comes from a lifetime of pain..
Summed up to being afraid to love and being loved
When the day comes I will be intuned with you 
like the melody of Mozart,
Admire you
like Mona Lisa Smile,
Engrave you in my heart 
like the Sistine Chapel,
I will love you until my last breath..
Until that time I have to go through somethings to love you the way 
you deserve.

You eat lies 
your heart is hungry
Until you realize the boy in the mirror
Is now a man
trapped between being a real nigga
believing your body count makes you
Truth is you're still just a little boy that never had a guide.